ChemSex Support
56 Dean Street

Chems (particularly Crystal Methamphetamine, Mephedrone and GBL) can be fun and manageable for some; for others they can become a little (or a lot) more problematic.

Whether you want to;

  • get better informed
  • get some more control
  • play more safely
  • use less frequently
  • support with a chem-free weekend/a chem-free month
  • stop altogether
  • discuss hooking-up apps/online sites 
      (negotiating risks, setting boundaries, profile-writing, compulsive use)
  • get clean needles/safer injecting information
  • get a sexual health screen, vaccinations or PEP...
  • Talk to us about PrEP

the Chems Advisors at 56 Dean Street are on hand for an informal, judgment-free chat (one to one) about all things sex and drugs.

We all deserve a great sex (and romantic) life; come talk it over with one of our advisors

Download this printable flyer

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Simply walk in, no appointment necessary. 

3rd floor reception of 56 Dean Street at any of the following times;

  • Tuesday evenings, 5pm to 7pm; CODE Clinic 
       CODE Clinic is also staffed by our partnership organisations, Antidote and Turning Point UK)

  • Thursday afternoons, 1pm to 4pm

  • The 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month, 1pm to 3pm

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56 Dean Street Soho, W1D 6AQ