How to naturally boost testosterone and enjoy a healthy sex life

How to naturally boost testosterone and enjoy a healthy sex life

Does it feel like your sex drive is at an all time low?

Do you feel too tired for sex?

And when you do have sex, you know your performance is not living it up?

All these could be signs of low testosterone. Testosterone plays a major role in having a healthy sex life and is one of the primary regulators of your libido. Lots of studies have shown that having a lower testosterone level not only affects your sex life, but it has an adverse impact on your overall health.

Irritable Male Syndrome is the term that has been coined for a new syndrome that affects men with low testosterone levels and goes beyond just a lower libido to things like lack of motivation, emotional withdrawal, anxiety, and aggression.

This can often trigger self-destructive behaviors such as alcoholism and gambling.

What might be the cause?

If you feel like you can relate to a lot of the symptoms mentioned above, then you could be suffering from low testosterone. Low testosterone affects millions of men worldwide with a large percentage of them belonging in their 30s. Adverse impacts of low testosterone can go way beyond just low sex drive and mood issues to much more serious concerns such as type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular issues.

One of the biggest reasons causing testosterone levels in men to diminish is the modern lifestyle. By keeping your lifestyle in check and by staying fit and healthy, one can easily overcome issues regarding low testosterone and bring back the spice in their sex lives.

Here are 7 ways in which you can naturally boost your testosterone levels:

Get proper Sleep: Several types of research conducted have shown that not getting proper sleep at night causes a significant drop in testosterone levels of men. One such study has shown that just a week of disturbed sleep and getting around 5 hours of sleep at night caused the testosterone levels of men to drop as much as by 15 percent. It is recommended that you get at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep at night to maintain healthy levels of testosterone.

Stay in Shape: One of the biggest testosterone killers are obesity and belly fat. Studies have shown that an obese teen has half the testosterone levels as that of his healthy non obese peer. The reason behind this is that fat cells contain high levels of aromatase which is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Obesity along with low levels of testosterone working hand in hand can lead to serious weight gain issues along with hormonal imbalance which can prove to be devastating.

Thus staying in shape is a must to maintain healthy levels of testosterone. Reversing obesity can boost testosterone and make you feel wonderfully healthy.

Don’t forget your Vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin E and minerals like Zinc and selenium are natural testosterone boosters and are a great help for testicular function. While we may eat a lot of food every day, a majority of those foods lack these highly beneficial micronutrients or is very little in quantity. So you should definitely try using supplements to get the proper amount of these nutrients that your body requires to maintain healthy levels of testosterone. You can also take testosterone supplements like ExtenZe.

If you do not want to use supplements and wish to get all of these nutrients out of your food, then you should include lots of carrots and kales for Vitamin A, shellfish for Zinc and selenium, sunflower seeds and almonds for Vitamin E in your diet.

Avoid getting stressed out and relax: Given our busy work life, it is indeed hard not to get stressed out, but stress is among the biggest reasons behind low testosterone and lots of other serious health problems. A pressure driven process known as “cortisol steal” leads to hormonal imbalance and testosterone production is decreased in order to produce cortisol. Stress also increases aromatase production and another enzyme named 5-alpha-reductase both of which break testosterone down.  You can read s study on stress and its relation to erectile dysfunction.

Meditation and Yoga are great ways to boost your testosterone levels naturally. Even a 10 minute meditation session can go a long way in relaxing your mind and body, reducing stress hormones and ultimately increase testosterone.

Avoid Chemicals that harm testicles: Personal care products such as shaving creams and lotions contain parabens and phthalates while plastic bottles that we use to store water have a chemical named BPA all of which are anti-testosterone which means that they disrupt the normal production of testosterone in our body and are bad for the testicular health. Thus, using stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic ones and going for organic body care products can also help you boost testosterone levels.

Include more Fish in your diet and avoid statins: Eating more fish will reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is another cause of reduced testosterone. Eating fish also supports the production of healthy cholesterol which is one of the building blocks of testosterone. Fish Oil also reduces globulin which allows for more testosterone to be freely available in the body.

Statin drugs are very harmful for testosterone production in the body. The reason is that cholesterol is the building block of all the steroid hormones including testosterone and by reducing cholesterol; Statins decrease the amount of free testosterone available in the body.

Expose yourself to more sunlight: Vitamin D has been proven to increase testosterone production in the body. Countries in the higher latitudes have an epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency as they are exposed to much less sunlight as compared to countries in the tropics. Vitamin D deficiency can cause lowered testosterone levels. Thus, to boost testosterone levels, it is essential to expose yourself to 15-25 minutes of direct sunlight every day. The energy from the sun turns a chemical in our skin into Vitamin D3 which is then carried to the liver and then to the kidneys and then finally transforming it into Vitamin D3. While taking supplements for Vitamin D3 is also a choice to overcome the deficiency, sun exposure is a natural way of boosting Vitamin D and thus testosterone.

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